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Bromsgrove: The Story of a Market Town

Bromsgrove: The Story of a Market Town, by Jenny Townshend and Julian Hunt (The Bromsgrove Society, 2022). The book is written by well-known local historians and Bromsgrove Society members Jenny Townshend and Julian Hunt, and chronicles the history of Bromsgrove over the last one thousand years. Based on extensive original research, the authors present an exhaustive account of the town’s development, from a medieval settlement to a prosperous market town and industrial centre whose influence extended across the whole of North Worcestershire. This major new work will appeal to all those who know and love the town, providing an evocative trip down memory lane. Running to 320 pages, the hardback book is lavishly illustrated with drawings, maps and photographs, many of which have not been published before. Its scholarly and detailed treatment will appeal to local and family historians, as well as students of economic and social history.

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